Husband & I just returned from a first trip to Greece. I say "a" trip as I know we'll go back we had such an AMAZING time.

MargoWilm_DE Wilm, DE Creasemonkeye

We rented a car from Auto4U.

George and his partner were delightful, warm, welcoming and helpful. We felt like we had truly made friends. Their cars were all new, well cared for and ready to roll. We ended up having drinks and lunch with them all before taking the car for the day. We ended up renting a Smart Car for 3 days and were incredibly thankful we did. It was a very affordable, fun way to see the island and It greatly enhanced our experience being able to scoot around the island at our own pace. Driving was not a problem by the way.

At George's suggestion we took an incredible Catamaran trip with a friend of theirs; who we met while we were sitting having drinks….